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How does it work.....


Let's say, you have seen the pictures and video's on our website and you think, Yes! I want to run this concept in my venue. You are probably wondering: how does this work? Well here is how:

As the representatives of Banquet of Hoshena, we are the intermediaries between the creator of the show and the venues. We are not selling the show, but we are looking for suitable partners to run this show together with in a win-win partnership. So the first step you have to take is to contact us and let us know that you are interested.


Great you are still there! After we have received your inquiry, we will send you an intake list with some questions about your venue and your intentions of running this show. Based on your answers, we will see if your venue is suitable for a partnership with us.  Of course your venue is awesome, no doubt about that, but  we will need to see if  the size of the venue, type of cuisine and type of guests are  matching as well. 

Next, let's talk. If we see a potential partnership arising, we will get in touch with you to talk business. 

After we are all happy bunnies and agreeing with each other's terms, we will set up a contract between you and the creator of the show and we can start the most exiting part: implementing the show in your venue. 

Yeah, you made it!!!, let's roll...We will bring in our installation team to come and join the party and to assist with the installation of the equipment and the training of your team. A couple of days later, we have a show!

That's it.... simple, efficient and fun! 

After the implementation we will let you run the show. However, if you need help, we will be there for you, if you need advice, we will give it to you and if you need someone to test the show, we will sacrifice ourselves to come and visit you for a free dinner.... 

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