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Immersive Dining Concepts


About us


Looking for a unique dining concept to offer your guests? Don’t want to worry about competition, but tough times to invest in something new to blow them out of the water?

We can help you by bringing immersive dining experiences to your venue. Exclusivity in your market is guaranteed. Our shows are highly “Instagrammable” and therefore easily drive footfall to your venue, thus increasing your revenue.

How does it work? In the form of an attractive partnership with limited investment required, available for both pop up or long term projects. We will provide you with the equipment, technology, personalized service training and passion to launch a 3D dining experience to remember. No payment upfront, please read more on this website and drop us a message for more information, no strings attached off course.


We are Michel & Inge Gesthuizen, married since 2012 and founders of M.I. Hospitality Concepts since  July 2020.


We are both very passionate about food and hospitality and we have spend the last 10 years travelling all over the world while working in 5 star hotels in Spain, South Africa, China, Dubai and Kuwait. We follow the trends in the market and regularly visit new hotels & restaurants to explore what's new. 

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